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Year after year, the top karting race, the Champions Cup, is held at Karting Vendrell, leaving a good memory for the participants and the public. As soon as you arrive the noise and the smell makes you enter the competition at once, by the time you realize the karts are already in full race competing.

Why champions cup is top kart racing

As we explained in the article in the link under the video, it is an international kart race where drivers who have finished their career in Formula 1 have competed. An ideal annual meeting to get to know karts.

Carreras de Karts en Barcelona y Tarragona

Kart racing for all audiences

Karting Vendrell is a leisure center specializing in the world of karts but also in Paintball and other leisure activities. There are many who organize their own go-kart race among friends or people from work, then eat a barbecue or restaurant and then fight in the paintball fields. This is Lasertag Paintball so children can participate safely.

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